Campagnolo Rally Outer Cage plate - NOS, no mate

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Offered here is a Campy Rally NOS outer cage plate (the one that is bolted to the lower pivot and which sits "outboard".  No inner (we have inner/outer pairs listed elsewhere.  The cage plate is new but figure some shopwear perhaps.


If you were really lucky, you may have bought just an inner at one point.  In fact, we sold a bunch of inners inexpensively a long while back as we didn't have the outers.  But in the Ochsner pile, there were a bunch of outers.  So maybe you can make a pair on the cheap!  This has come up in the past - be aware that Campy Rally cage plates don't sit in what you'd call "perfectly parallel" to one another.  Factory derailleurs were inentionally supplied this way.  So now you know that's proper and normal.