Alex Singer style small handlebar bag black

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Alex Singer bag - you get black but shown here is grey
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The Alex Singer style Berthoud handlebar bag is a small handlebar bag that DOES NOT need a decaleur But it does need a support rack Please allow 4 extra business days for delivery of this item This is the Black bag offered here - grey is shown in the photo You know what black is - just like when you close your eyes! The bag is very lightweight and minimalist It has one main compartment and two compartments in the rear It actually may have a bit more capacity than the more expensive model 86, and is lighter weight. This bag has therefore developed a cult following The downside is that unlike the model 86 bag, it does not have the very secure strap tightening provision on the bottom of the bag - so this bag is more prone to move around Also, the bag does not have the mapcase and the zip compartment on the underside of the main flap that the 86 bag has. So crunch the details and decide which is best for you. The Alex Singer version bags are in rather short supply