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See Reliabilty Note Below.  Also, there used to be a plate on the front of the rack to mount a light or reflector, but most folks thought it was a bit clunky and the rack no longer comes with that.  So disregard that if you spot it in the photo as your rack won't have it.


A Nitto Rack that is a real problem solver! Unlike the Nitto M12 or M13 racks which attach to the canti studs and the forkcrown, this rack attaches at the forkcrown and to mounting tab's which are brazed onto the fork legs. (with optional clamps you can mount to forks without the tabs).


The advantage of this rack is that if you aren't mounting to the Canti's, you can Pauls canti's which otherwise would push the rack too far forward So with this rack you can use whatever Canti's you like Many frames such as Rivendell (and also optionally on Boulder Bicycle) are coming with tabs placed specifically for using this rack This makes a nice semi-custom plug and play solution for those who want to use whatever Canti they prefer.


This rack is very similar to the M12, but the finish is a bit duller than the bright chrome of the M12/M13. There is a mounting point on the underside of the rack to secure a fender (Nitto M12 female style). 


Reliability Note:  We have have sold a great number of these racks, used them on our own bikes, and have never had any reliability issues whatsoever.  Our supplier of these racks also cannot recall a single failure.  In contrast, Rivendell notes that this rack has a 4.4lb load limit and that one should use a strap to hold up the rack in case of failure.  While there are some failures discussed on the internet, we just have not seen the issues that a few folks are claiming.  We can't say it will never happen.  But this rack has proven extreamely reliable in our experience (and the 4.4lb load limit doesn't make sense as a bag along can weigh a couple of pounds).  But if you read this and it makes you nervous, perhaps consider something different.