Boulder Bicycle / Soma Miche Headset and Installation

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The pressing of cups with anodizing removal for a Miche Needlbearing headset WITH the purchase of a Boulder Bicycle or Soma frame and fork. Anodizing removal is necessary if you want to run a hard wire talight with only one wire and you will have the frame/fork serve as ground Note that we press the cups and remove the anodizing but we don't trim the steeer - you should do that locally once you set up the frame/fork to your dimensions IF YOU DO NOT NEED ANODIZING REMOVAL - do not purchase these item If you purchase a Boulder Bicycle or a Soma frame and also purchase just the headset as an additional item, we will press the cups with no addtional charge You will get the appropriate headset for your fork (threaded or threadless)Ignore the frame size stuff info - that is an artifact of programming gone wild This is just the $69 headset option