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Here is a fun 1980's project.  Offered here is a Gianni Motta frame 56.5cm ct with a roughly 55.5cm cc top tube.  You get frame, fork, headset, pantograph stem, tubular wheels (with lovely Campy NR hubs) and a pantograph crank and anything else shown in the photos. Most ofl the parts are well used, and the frame has plenty of blems.  But this is the backbone of what could be a really fun show bike project.


Price includes shipping to the lower 48.  Shipping outside the lower 48 is not an option.  If you purchase this package, and you pick-up locally, we'll refund you $ 75 (there will be sales tax though).


The frame is the "personal" model and you also will get a poster of the Killian's Red Team with a bike similar to what's offered here (slightly different paint scheme).  The build quality is kinda so-so on the frame, but its all about that 80's pantograph bling with this project.  The crank is very snazzy looking but be aware of some major deraillieur rub on the drive arm's backside.    You might want to smooth out and reduct the stress riser issue there if you're really going to ride this much.  We're not sure what model the bb is, but gosh, the cranks spin silky smooth!  The wheels look fairly snazzy.  The frame has lots of blems and decal damage.  But maybe someone who's skilled graphically and with touch up could make it nice.  It still shows ok as it is, since the frame is so "busy" as it is.  But you see lots of blems as you look close.  But it really does look nifty overall!  If you have some neat vintage parts around, you could have a really sharp bike for not a whole lot of money.