Boulder Bicycle Road Sport Overview and Pricing

Boulder Bicycle Road Sport


Important Note

The Boulder Bicycle program is in hold 


We are seriously considering a run of Boulder Bicycle Road Sport frames to be scheduled for build during October/November 2019.   If you are interested in a road sport frame, either tig or lug, feel free to email us with interest,  thoughts, status, and questions.  Note that we will not be teased into making any rando style bikes with this batch.  We're aware of the desperate desire of a few folks to obtain one of the road sports.  They are easier to make than rando bikes, and we really enjoy them.  So it may happen!



We love our rando bikes.  But the gang at Boulder Bicycle ride other bikes types of bikes too - and we know that many of our customers have multiple bikes as well.  For many of us, a 2 hour ride at lunch or a quick century ride on a saturday morning with some of our go-fast buddies may happen under "perfect" conditions such as bright sun and no rain.  And if we need to put the bike into the car to get to a ride start (or on the roof), then a bike with fenders and lights may sometimes make a bit less sesnse. 

At the same time, the ultra light tube set that many folks seem to crave, is not ideal for some rando applications.  The combination of an upright rider on a low trail bike with a significant front load can make for a bike with a shimmy issue.  We have built enough bikes that we see it happen once in awhile.  The ultra light tubesets are not ideal for everyone on a rando machine.  But on a bike without the need for fender clearance AND without the need for a handlebar bag (and therefore a longer stem can be used), the use of the ultra light tube set can become a reasonable possibility for more riders.

That said  - some riders may not be ideal matches for the road sport - riders that are extemely tall and/or relativley heavier and/or those who are very upright will have a greater risk of finding the light tubeset being too light (greater shimmy risk). Its always best to send us your saddle height, reach, and drop numbers and your weight in an email and we can tell you what we think.  Email to  We can almost always do a custom that lets us go "as light as reasonable" but which may be heavier then our stock configuration.

Historically, very few bikes have been made that can take wide tires, have a slightly relaxed (but still what we call stage-race geometry), AND use ultra light skinny tubing.  For instance, the Boulder Bicycle gang has old Cinelli bikes that take wider 700c tires nicely, and old Team Raleigh 753 bikes that are super lively, but its nearly impossible to find a vintage frame with both of these attributes. 

So in order to make bikes that we want (and which many of our customers have said they want as well), a new model was born. 


Boulder Bicycle Road Sport - this example is in a stock yellow with blue decals and with the optional setube light mount and light unit


This frame has stock decals, but does feature the hand painted box striping in the French style


This bike is an alternative to some high-zoot pricey modern go-fast race bike.  This is the steel alternative that also happens to be priced at a fraction of what many modern frames cost.  And we bet many riders will prefer the feel of this classic lightweight steel frame regardless of cost!

Don't look at this frame and try to convert it into something else;  don't say "lets try to sneak fenders onto it" - you can't as the front center isn't long enough.  That is because this frame is designed to have a shorter top tube in conjunction with a longer stem for a specific weight distribution.  And don't try to put much weight on it - it isn't optimized for a load of any kind.   That said, we've run the shop's Road Sport with perhaps a 4lb Berthoud small handlebar bag (no rack, a quickfix type) and it is fine.  But figure 4 to 5lbs at most.

This frame is ideal bike for much of the riding that so many riders really do.  It isn't a substitute for your rando frame.  It is instead an indulgence for those who want this machine in their stable, or for those who despite the virtues of fenders are really dry-weather-in-the-daylight cyclists.  Or this new model might fill the space on the bike hook where that carbon bike you recently sold used to hang.

Now some details: (all measurements subject to production variability which although minimal does exist).

Tubing - a mix, but with skinny .7/.4/.7 top tube in small and medium sizes and .8/.5/.8 in the taller sizes

Sizes - only to about 60cm to top - larger than this and you really really should use oversize tubing.  So this model isn't for you.  We can of course build a custom frame with the same geometry with tubing chosed to be lightweight for a specific rider.  But don't ask us to use extra light tubes where they don't belong (or ask if its ok and we'll let you know if we think it might be ok).

"This bike rides handles a bit quicker and is more sure-footed than our bikes with similar tubing in a rando geometry.  The ride is very sweet indeed!"

Road Sport Geometry - Custom Geometry Available for Upcharge

Size Name Seatube (to very top of collar) Top Tube c-c Slope Headtube Height Seat Angle Headtube Angle Forkrake Trail Stand-over Height
490 490 515 5.9 95.5 75 72 52 56 740
520 540 530 3.0 120 74 72 52 56 774
540 560 545 2.5 132 73.5 72.5 49 56 790
560 580 560 2.0 144 73 73 46 56 806
580 600 575 2.1 165 73 73 46 56 826
600 620 590 2.0 183 72.5 73 46 56 843


Current Pricing 

updated November 2017


Stock tig frame is $1,700 - choose from our 5 stock colors


  • Proprietary seatube light mount braze-on available for $ 125 upcharge.  Light sold seperately.
  • Custom geo on tig frame available for additional $300. 
  • Lugged custom frame version available with specially finished lugs for $ 2,650.   
  • Threaded Steerer adds $75 to stock or custom frame cost.
  • Contrasting headtube paint panel  (lug frame only) $125
  • Handpainted lettering   $200
  • Box striping in the French style $200


The stock color choices are:

Light Blue with dark blue decals

English Metallic blue with cream decals

Black with white decals

Garnet red with cream decals

Yellow with dark blue decals