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Limit 2 pair per customer! Modolo 919 Bronze Anatomic brake hoods - fit Modolo levers and Campy NR/SR levers too rather nicely. Note - we've sold an insane number of these. It seems that while the bronze color as described below is a bit funky, our guess is most folks find the overall look is not terribly different than that a gum hood So there has been a feeding frenzy We still have more, but not at the quite-so-crazy price we introduced them at Still, these are an amazing value at the current price! Folks just love the anatomic shape! You get one pair of these somewhat odd colored brake hoods They are rather transulcent, yet have a bronze mist molded into them Looks like something out of a sci-fi book or something While strange, they are wonderfully soft and fresh They came to us bulk packaged, so no box These are the ultimate for user hoods or for bikes you are fixing up for friends or to sell We have a nice stock of them.