Position P3 Regina Oro unused cog 28 tooth

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Maximum Quantity:

Offered here is a 28 tooth Regina Oro cog - just one cog.  For someone who plays around with these freewheels and knows how to change cogs.  This cog works on all Regina Oro (not the bx though) and older Regina Extra freewheels.  


This cog is NOS never used - we have a few of these, so the one you get is not likely to be the one in the photos.  There is likely to be discoloration and/or oxidation.  The photo is representative of what you should expect to be the minimum quality.  Of the loose cogs we have, the 28's are in nice shape.  Its possible that some cleaning might make it look even better.  


Note that if your bike is set up just right, a Campy Nuovo Record can be made to shift a 14-28 freewheel with 52/42 chainrings.  But you must have the rear derailleur set to wrap the maximum amount of chain and have the chain length just right - and might even need to fine tune the wheel's position in the dropouts.  But we do run this combo on our own bikes with good results.  You can make it work and still hit the small-to-small and large-to-large but you shouldn't use those combo's anyway.