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Position P3 Regina extra (grey) unused cog 26 tooth

> Cassettes, Freewheels, and Chains > Vintage > Regina Oro and Extra Cogs > Position P3 Regina extra (grey) unused cog 26 tooth

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Just a freewheel cog - new that is grey in color.  But it can be a very handy freewheel cog.  It is a Regina extra (perhaps sometimes also called corsa)  cog that fits on old oro or extra freewheel in 26 tooth.  The idea here is if you have a freewheel and you want to make the largest cog a bigger here is a great way to do it (and still keep things easy to use with your Nuovo or Super Record drivetrain).  So if you have an oro or extra freewheel of the classic period and you want to make climbing easier, this is your chance.  Of course, if your freewheel is an oro, you will have to deal with the indignity of a mismatched cog color.  And you will have to know how to change freewheel cogs or have a shop that can help you (not too difficult).