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We've sorted more or our Regina track chain pile - and are pleased to are representative of the quality you should expect.


Regina Oro Track Chain Maddness!   Some chain is better than others, there is some corrosion and discoloration, and there are many sections that are quite nice For this offering, we are providing 3 sections in the BMX length (including some master links too), two of which have very little isolated corrosion, and one othersthat has pronounced issues in multiple spots A typical pile we believe, after some mixing and matching with a chain tool and perhaps some cleaning up, should yield 2 chains for a typical track bike that are pretty nice The best thing is the price - only $34 for the mini-pile. So with a bit of elbow grease, you will get a couple of nice track chains for a fraction of the typical price. 


We had been selling Regina Oro track chains on ebay for $69 steadily These chains were originally bulk packaged for BMX bikes (the chain is true Regina Oro track chain, but the BMX folks wanted in on the fun) This chain is proper 1/8 and is from around 1980 or so we suspect It turns out the wholesaler we were getting them from decided to sell us the whole pile since we were buying so many - and we jumped at the chance.