Regina America CX 13-23 wide 5 speed ISO thread gorgeous new

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You get one freewheel with this listing.  Regina America 13-23 5 speed freewheel.  This is a classic wide space 5 speed freewheel for 120mm spaced hubs.  The ratio is great - 13, 15, 17,  20,  23.


Its a Regina America Extraveganza!  Regina America freewheels are top quality and we never thought we'd find a nice assortment of them, but we got lucky!  We obtained a number of Regina America bodies, cogs, and spacers, all fresh and unused. We were able to build these up into some great ratios! The Regina America body is very high quality, and it has a lovely sound!  It is pretty much similar to the CX system (uses the same cogs) but the bodies are snazzier.


Note that the America typically has a addtional seal on it which is claimed to repel dirt, but when building up a 5sp on an America body the seal does not fit (the America was the 6 speed era typically), but you do get the America body which does in general have a better reputation than the CX.   The freewheel body is ISO threaded which means it works great on either British (i.e. BSC or English) or Italian threaded hubs.   For this item you get one freewheel (not all shown in the photos) as described below.