Regina Oro 5sp 14-21 NOS freewheel - BSC hard to find!

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A Regina NOS Oro 5sp 14-21 freewheel is not easy to find, but we can now supply a few!  This freewheel is new in the box (box in fair condition and is not "original") and takes the splined style remover. The exact cogs are 14,15,16,18,21.

It is nearly imposible to find these in this ratio, but we recently stumbled on some NOS Regina Oro cogs in size 21.  We also had new-the-box 14-18's.  Then we realized that if we moved the 18 from the largest to second largest position, then put the 21 as the largest, we'd have the perfect 14-21 (i.e beautifully spaced!).

Even NOS Regina oro freewheels have color variation among the cogs, but these are all really close.  There is some discoloration on the cogs here and there, but they actually polish up beautifully if you want to bother.  For most folks, they won't bother.  But if you want to make it gleam, you should be able to make it happen.  We're limiting these to two per person at this price.  We will be able to generate more Regina Oro stuff to in the future, but this was a fun combo we were able to make at a nice price.