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We found some more!  


A very rare find - a new in box Regina Oro 5sp 14-28 freewheel.  This is the widest ratio freewheel that will work with a classic Campy NR/SR rear derailleur when the chainrings are 52/42.  This freewheel is factory assembled and packaged.  Box condition may only be fair after all these years. And you may want to drop in some fresh oil (we usually drip in somethething like Pedro's along the body gap openings and spin until it makes a magic sound).  After many years the cogs may have some discoloration, but as this is a factory assembled freewheel the color is more uniform than on cog-board assembled examples.


This freewheel is british (aka English) thread  - it will work ok as well on an Italian threaded hub (goes on tight) but is considered acceptable. It will NOT work on a french thread hub (will thread on but the freewheel is likely to strip the  hub threads under heavy load).  Your freewheel will take the splined type remover.


These freewheels are getting rare and very costly to find.  Note that to use with a Campy NR/SR you need to have the derailleur "assembled" in the one-of-4-ways that the spring/cover plate can be oriented so that without a chain the cage is  "resting" aimed at 4 O'clock instead of the usual 2 O'clock orientation.  Then get the chain length just right (consider fine-tuning with the drop out adjusters" and you will find that you can hit ALL the gear combo's without the chain going either slack or too tight when combined with a 52/42 ring combo.