Sachs 8 speed freewheel 12-21

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We just found a few Sachs 8 speed 12-21 freewheels - and at a really great price!  The ratio is 12,13,14,15,16,17, 21.  The spacers look to be the brown variety for those who worry about indexing compatability.

Note that while these are 8 speed, clever folks can remove the smallest cog and convert the freewheel to a 7 speed.  The only "issue" is that the smallest cog your left with will have threads in it, but for use or even display to all but the most compulsive folks, this will be fine.  


The photo shows a similar but not the same freewheel ratio.  The freewheel you get will be factory fresh and lovely, although the box may be different than the one shown or the box may only be in fair condition.  But this is a crazy deal if the ratio works for you!