Shimano DuraAce 7sp 13-21 7sp freewheel new in box

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Well we got lucky - look at what we have here!  A Shimano DuraAce 7sp 13-21 NOS in the box freewheel.  Shimano DuraAce freewheels are considered by many to be the finest freewheels ever made (not counting the Campagnolo alloy which is not really practical for high-usage applications).

The exact cogs are 13,14,15,16,17,19,21.  The DuraAce freewheel is so awesome that we hear rumors that the Campagnolo folks used to suggest its use to make the sycncro shifting system more functional.  The box is labled SIS so that means the freewheel cogs were profiled and spaced to make use of the 7sp SIS indexing system.  Of course, this freewheel will work wonderfully with any friction shifting system.  While this is not the freewheel for mountain climbing, it is great for flat lander folks and also for those doing restorations.