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IRD Compact Crank 170mm special markdown 46/30 as very slight blem

> AAAA Fairly Recent New Additions and Specials still Available > IRD Compact Crank 170mm special markdown 46/30 as very slight blem

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Offered here is a 170mm example with a slight blem (not easy to show in the photo).  As we mention, we stress relieve the sharp edge at the spider/arm junction.  We goofed when doing this one and put a small scratch on the arm.  It will be very lost in the noise once you use it, but a discount is appropriate. The mark won't bother most folks - the crank in the photos is our generic "stock" photo and not of the exact crank you will be receiving.


For years we've been wanting a value-priced compact double crank that will allow for the magical 46/30 chainring combination. IRD was able to pull this off - and they are now introducing a new crank which is very similar to their popular Definant model crank This new crank uses the established 94mm bolt circle The rings are a defined pair with pins and ramps to help shifting and are 9/10sp friendly The crank is not super-light, but it is very solid and will be a great choice for countless new rando bike users The Q factor is around 152mm.  We've used this crank on our own bikes and are very pleased with it!  


The crank takes a 118mm JIS bb (not included) in theory, but we fitted one on an IRD QP-95 at 115mm and it was a nice fit (actually the chainline was off 2mm but we're ok with that).   On the 115mm bb the Q factor was closer to 148mm.  The drive side on these cranks sits about 2mm farther outboard than the non-drive (which means a 1mm offset which is trivial).. Available in 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, and 175mm.


Note - this crank like the classic Campagnolo Nuovo Record has a sharp edge between arm and spider.  When you purchase this crank from us, we relieve this sharp edge for extra security.  Even without this sharp-edge removal, this crank is perhaps the most robust square taper crank currently in production!