Shimano Deore 175mm 26/36/46 FC MT60 crankset NOS for mountain or Rando!!

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Shimano Deore 175mm 26/36/46 FC MT-60 crankset NOS and gorgeous!  This crank is from roughly 1987-1988 and is sure to be very robust as it had a very fine reputation on mountain bikes!   It seems much nicer than the Sugino XD series cranks. That is why we have it priced a few dollars more.  It is even finished nicer than most of the Sugio Alpina cranks we've seen.


This crank is in the very desirable 110mm / 74mm bolt circle.  The rings are pinned and ramped which may help shifting.  The rings are labled dual SIS compatible.


While this is a Mtb crank, for rando use it will be great as the rings are a great ratio and the arms are rugged.  And they are really lovely too!  The finish on the arms is spectacular.  The rings are less nicely finished (alloy with non-shiny coarse finish) but the overall look of this crank is great.  And of course, for you lurking MTb restorers, this is a great item!  The Shimano literature indicates a spindle length of around 122.6mm with the drive side 1.5mm longer than the non-drive.  So a symetric bb with 1mm spacer on drive side will get you very close!  A bottom bracket is not included.


This crank is from the 6sp era.  We'd think it will work swell for 9sp but probably not for 10sp though we aren't sure (the ring spacing is probably a bit wide).  The crank came to us OEM bulk packaged   The cranks were packaged well, but like with any NOS part, you may find occasional shopwear.  If we see an item with notable marks we pull it aside and sell it under a different listing.  So expect something mighty nice!