Shimano DuraAce 172.5 7402 53/39 gorgeous NOS crank in box

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We didn't think we'd find more of these, but we did.  This is perhaps the most gorgeous of Shimano vintage racing cranks and it is in the most desirable 172.5mm length and in the most desirable ring combo 53/39.  We did a search on ebay, none are currently for sale NOS, and none were offered/sold that were NOS recently either.  This is becoming a rare item for sure!  There are lots of used examples with lots of use and blems.  These are the real factory fresh NOS deal from the time capsule.


For years, we only sold Campy and missed out on some of the gems from Shimano and other countries.  The 7400 series cranks are like jewelry.  They seriously give Campy a run for the money in terms of beauty. 


You get the gorgeous crank with the proper original round 53/39 rings.  There is no bottom bracket.  We offer those for sale as a seperate item that we were able to also obtain.  The crank is in the box.  The box may not be in perfect condition, but the contents will be lovely.  Note that even NOS cranks in the box typically have the occasional mark here and there.  But anything with a mark that makes the crank not typical for what you should expect from a gorgeous NOS product will be sold under a different listing.