Shimano Exage triple 175mm 26/36/46 crankset New

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Affordable 175mm crank fun!  We have aquired some bulk packaged NOS Exage triple cranks from a number of years ago.  The finish is kinda a pebble whiteish.  The rings have a pebbleish finish but appear to be alloy.  And there is some ramping going on, especially on the middle ring.  A bottom bracket is not included.  The cranks were pretty well wrapped in the bulk box so we any shopwear should be relatively minimal.


This crank was not real high-end.  It does look surprsingly nice though.  But if your like many of us who have assorted bike build projects and want something utilitarian for the price less than just one "premium" chainring, then here is your chance.  The larger rings are 110mm bolt circle, and the small ring is 74.  Heck, one could buy one of these for the rings!  There are nice crankbolt/dustcap units included too.  Since this is a lower end crank, it is not as robust as a more top of the line model we suspect..  So if you are a 200lb rider that sprints for townline signs constantly then this isn't the crank for you.  But if  your like the rest of us, this crank should be great as an all around road crank.