Genuine Campy Rally Cage plate pair NOS - the real deal!

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The real deal - genuine Campy Rally Cage plate pair Not repros (the repro Soma ones are quite nice though). These plates are NOS, brand new They were bulk packaged from Campy, so you will see the typical light marks on them from bulk packaging But these are awesome looking!We don't know about you, but we're getting older and a classic Campy NR/SR/GS rear derailleur doesn't let us get low enough gears With these long cage plates, you get lots of chain wrap which lets you use either a pretty large cog in the rear (figure around 32 or so) and/or a triple crank up front These plates go on the classic Campy rear derailleurs in place of the original cage plates Note that if you have a Campagnolo-in-script Super Record rear derailleur, you will need to use Campy Nuovo Record or Campy Rally pulley cage bolts instead of the Super Record screws which are designed for a countersink We've been selling these almost immediately on ebay A really great item!