Cinelli Top 64/40 NOS handlebar 26.4 clamp 2nd Tier Quality

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An absolutely gorgeous Cinelli Top 64  super quality handlebar from the Cinelli time machine.  Note that all vintage Cinelli bars we find may have minor shopwear from production or shipping in the factory container.  Any bar with marks that are more than typical (i.e quite minor), we sell as a different item at a lower price. We have divided our inventory into 2 tiers - for this listing you are getting ones that are examined and what we consider to be average quality (or what we call 2nd tier). Note that the grading of bars is does by humans - so there is a bit of a subjective element to our grading. But we are sure you will quite pleased! (and let us know if you’re not!)


This bar is fancy - luxurious grey annodizing and lovely white engraving are highlights of this heat treated bar If you have a late 1990'is top level race bike that needs a new or not-beat-up handlebar, this is a great opportunity This handlebar does not have aero grooves Instead, it has ports on the underside of the reinforced center section to cables to exit (you would need to make an entry point if you use this option)


You will get one pair of Cinelli Aero Plugs (color choice is ours). These rubber pieces fit into the openings on the underside of the bar, and have a round cable hole.


Even if you ignore the port business, you have an awesome heat-treated bar in a wonderful shallow drop that you can use with any old Cinelli stem - super cool!