Cinelli Top 66/40 Ergo Double groove 26.4 clamp NOS top tier handpicked

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The photo shows a different width bar - for this listing you get a 40 width bar (meassured center to center)


An absolutely gorgeous super quality handlebar from the Cinelli time machine....and its priced super nice!


You get a Cinelli Top Ergo 66 handlebar in  40 width (center to center). Clamp diamter is the older Cinelli 26.4. This bar is fancy - luxurious grey annodizing and lovely white engraving with double ergo grooves are highlights of this heat treated bar If you have a late 1990'is top level race bike that needs a new or not-beat-up handlebar, this is a great opportunity.  The 66 model indicates that this is the deep drop. Some of the Cinelli top bars have ports on the handlebar center for aero cables to exit - this is the version that does not (not at all sure what is more desirable).  That is why it is called "ergo" - meaning it has double grooves for Campy Ergo type shifter cable routing.


We find that Cinelli handlebars even when NOS and in their original plastic wrap such as these can have blems from the way they were shipped from the factory, as well as drawing marks from the manufacturing process.


We have divided our inventory into 2 tiers - for this listing you are getting ones that are handpicked and what we call top tier - so while there may be minor markes here and there, for this listing you are getting a bar of superior, handpicked quality. Note that the grading of bars is does by humans - so there is a bit of a subjective element to our grading. But we are sure you will quite pleased! (and let us know if you’re not!)