TTT Gran Prix Silver Single Groove Handlebar NOS 42 (40cm cc)

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Use with ttt stems of the period, or other 25.8 stem, or a Nitto 25.4 - read below for more sizing info that not everyone is aware of!


A lovely NOS TTT handlebar from the late 1980's or early-to-mid 1990's.  It is silver and single groove.  TTT calls it a 42 so it is really 40cm cc.  The handlebars are in their factory packaging but since handelbars are shipped from handlebar factories in big boxes, you may see minor shopwear.  Any handlebar with atypical marks we set aside and sell under a different listing at a discount.  This is a great bar for those 1990's restorations.


These TTT bars measure about 25.4mm diameter - so they work fine with a ttt stem of the period since TTT stems of that era are really 25.8mm (designed to clamp on 25.4 to 26.0).   So we suggest using these bars with a 25.4 through 25.8mm stem. Nitto 26.0 stems really are closer to 26.1, so we think using these bars with a Nitto 25.4 stem is the way to go.   Interestingly, the wholesaler we sourced these from has always simply sold these bars as "26.0" - but we actually measured.  Stem diameter is more confusing than we ever thought!