Blem Cinelli Diet Eubois 42cm 26.4 clamp handlebar NOS super value

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We have one with blems.... will be slight when mounted.


In 42cm width (center to center).  Cinelli diet Eubois handlebar.  This was a pretty exotic handlebar.  26.4 clamp diameter. Double groove.  It was a minimalist drop bar.  The idea is most folks ride on the hoods - and then they want one long and low position on the drops so most of the drop doesn't get used (not true for everyone). So there is one kinda ergonomic drop position.  It saves weight -that is why they are called diet.  


This bar is either loved or hated.  If you're ofen on the drops and favor the extended back portion, well this bar isn't for you. But for many of us that really go on the drops only occasionally and want that one go-fast postion, then this might be fun. And the price is amazing!  The bars are black and very handsome.  Figure there may be some shopwear here and there, but for a new Cinelli bar at this price who can complain!