Suntour XC Pro 1'' threaded greaseguard headset NOS road or rando or mtb!

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A headset with LOTS of uses - the very cool Suntour XC Pro headset in 1" threaded that has a 26.4 crown race.  This means its road bike friendly!  The headset has a special greaseport system that lets you purge the headset of dirt and moisture without taking it apart.  Our guess, we haven't tried it, is a headset pretty stuffed with grease probably moves a tad slow - which may be perfect for rando bikes where one is trying to reduce shimmy.  The headset has pretty elaborate seals which will probably also help the cause.  And of course, if you have a vintage mountain bike with a 26.4 crown race (early mountain bikes and typical 1" steerer road bikes) this is also cool!


You will note that the box says 1x24 Italian.  But the headset threaded parts all say 1x24 which is British.  So we've concluded that the "Italian" refers to the crown race being 26.4 instead of the 27.0 as some Japanese bikes used.  We've threaded the threaded parts onto British steerers and they go on great.  If anything, the threaded parts are probably really ISO to fit both Italian and British (we haven't tried it yet on a true Italian steerer though).


These headsets can sell for a princely sum.  On ebay, there are two, one at $230 and one at $264.  Recent ebay sales range from $89 to $142.  So we'll let some go for less as an introductory price, then we're sure the price will go up a bit.