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A used Campy Nuovo Record bsc (=British or English) headset that is pretty worn.  Primaily for display.  No bearings.  Look at the photos.  Parts may have been matched up to make this unit as parts may be of different vintages.  That said, the lower cup has the cool <C> marking.  The upper parts aren't too bad.  The lower head cup has some notable brinelling.  The crown race doesn't seem too bad, although there are some notable corrosion marks but the bearing track seems to be better than bad.


We typically find that even with a headset like this, if you run loose balls (you can get more into it than with caged) and your installing the cups so its unlikelly that the lower cup and crown indents will precisely match, that a bit more life can be tweeked out of the headset.  Just be careful when you hit the open road to be sure the bars rotate nicely with no-hands.  Otherwise it can lead to unsafe steering.  And in any case, you won't get a whole lot of use on this.  Might be ok for a display bike that gets a bit of very occasional use....maybe.