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Gipiemme front cone pair - for 7/32 bearings - fits Campagnolo Nuovo Record

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Its been tough finding cones that fit Campy Nuovo Record front hubs.  Offered here is a pair of Gipiemme front cones for hubs that use 7/32 bearings.  We tested these in a pair of Campy Nuovo Record and bingo, they turn like butter!   So this is a real problem solver at an affordable price.


Note that the Gipiemme cones are probably not quite as awesome as the Campy ones.  Also, if you compare the outside diameter of the Gipiemme cones to the Campy ones, you can feel that the Gipiemme are a tiny smidge smaller than the Campy counterparts.  It isn't much - we took a photo of the two next to one another (you don't get the comparison cone/axle in the photo) but it is there.  So that means a smidge more gap between dustcap and cone.  If your aways getting your dustcaps a bit flared so that there is cone/cap rub, then this is a plus.  But remember that as you increase that gap, moisture and water repulsion decreases.


And of course, these cones will fit Gipiemme and other Italian hubs (we think) that use the Campy axle thread pitch and 7/32 bearings.  We really excited to have a viable option as the original Campy front cones have gone pretty much extinct.