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light bracket with hardware
light bracket with edelux - light not included
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Light bracket for Edelux or Cyo headlight.  Made from 3/16 6000 series aluminum, this bracket is ideal for mounting your Edelux or Cyo headlight on a rack such as a Nitto M12 (were sure you can use it lots of other places too!).  One hole is drilled for an M6 bolt - we suggest you mount the light onto this side, and then use a seperate nylock nut to further lock the light in place.  This gives a crazy amount of clamping with backup - so once you get it tightened down it is there to stay.  The other hole is not threaded - we suggest putting a bolt through the bracket then into the threaded hole on the M12 rack (perhaps with a spacer if need be).  Tighten down, then put another nut on to lock it even further.  It is a good idea to secure your headlight well with this kind of a set-up as a fallen headlight can fall into your front wheel - so this is really the hot set-up.  The bracket is offered in its perfectly decent looking un-polished state.  For "polishing" of the bracket, purchase the polish upgrade.