Shipping - Returns - Safety


We have changed our return policy to more accuarately reflect our costs.  In doing so, we are also lowering the pricing on some items. This change will benefit the majority of our customers.


Order Issues and Processing Times

Yeah, it looks like we barely work and are closed tuesdays.  But reality is we are around almost constantly but we're hiding so we can process orders and keep things moving.   If you need to reach us after you placed an order because you made a goof, email us!  The best bet is email and also cc if its critical that we see your email before shipping.  In the subject line, say something "urgent change to order made" or something else that will get our attention.

We try to process orders fast - generally each day we ship out all orders received until late-morning that day.  On mondays or after email marketing blasts we may fall a day or two behind, but that is rare.  On crazy busy days we're usually fairly caught up.  

Unlike "pass through" marketers, most items are in stock and ready for immediate shipment.  There are some exceptions though, as we do engage in a bit of "just in time" inventory management.  Items that we don't keep on hand but which we know we can get very quickly will say in the product description "please allow 4 extra business days for delivery of this item".  If one of these items is on your order, we'll ship your entire order with a 4 business day delay once the item arrives at our shop.  We are pretty efficient with this.  If the UPS truck is sucked up by aliens on its way to us, it will take longer.  But that will probably be the least of any of our problems.  Note that for items that have this 4-day delay, the on-line store will say that it's in-stock.  It really isn't.   Don't believe everything you read.  Sometimes automated systems lie.

Finally, note that the on-line store is very accurate but errors do occur on occasion.  If we fire those responsible for the error, then our staffing will become even smaller than it is now, and almost nothing will get done.  So please bear with us if we do goof.  But the goof rate really is very low. 



Domestic Shipping and Minimum Order

Order $175 (pre-tax and shipping) or more and you get free shipping.  Order less than $175 and shipping is $8.  We don't have a minimum order size, but the $8 shipping helps to cover our labor cost for processing low-value orders.  So think of the $8 as both a shipipng and a handling charge.  

The only exception is Boulder and Rene Herse Bicycle frames and bikes which will inccur additional charges. For all other bulky items, such as wheelsets, and used bicycles, the price includes the "extra" needed to ship the item to the lower 48.  If you are in Alaska or Hawaii, if your item can ship in a postal priority flat-rate product, there will be no additional shipping charge.  Otherwise, there may be addtional charges and we'll let you know.

Most orders ship by postal priority mail.  Small items may go 1st class.  Please let us know if your address is not "secure" and we should send signature required.  Higher value items may ship signature required at our discretion.  If you that is a problem, contact us, but you will need to be willing to accept responsibilty in case the package is stolen from your doorstep after either UPS or USPS indicates it has been delivered.


Foreign Shipping / handling costs 

When you place your order, we will within a day or so (longer on weekends/holidays) get back with you on how much you need to pay for shipping/handling.  You can always email us in advance for a shipping cost quote before you order.  Also, foreign orders will likely be charged customs and/or VAT fees and these are the purchaser's responsibility to pay.  We have no idea what these charges may be. We will send you a paypal invoice for the shipping/handling charges.  If you do not use paypal, see what the total owed is and you can log into our on-line store and under "categories", select "payments outside store".  There you can purchase addtional shipping as an item.  



Our mistake or defective item

Let us know within 4 weeks and we'll get you taken care off.  We will also flog ourselves and appologize profusely.  

Your mistake or you changed your mind

OK, this happens, but please help us not loose money on this.  All returns must be returned within 30 days of your recieipt of the item in the condition received to be eligible for a refund.  Even if we refund your money, we still must pay the Paypal/CC lords about 3% so we will deduct that amount from your refund. Plus, if we gave you free shipping we will deduct $8 from your refund as well.

However, If you take your refund as store credit, we don't loose the 3% so we won't deduct that from your refund.  We will charge you $8 shipping when you do use your store credit as we're happy to give you free shipping once but not twice.


Berthoud Saddle Policies

If you purchase a Berthoud saddle from us, take really good care of it and if it isn't right for you, you may return it within 60 days for shop credit.  This only works if you keep it in great shape.  Clamp marks on the rails and a few scuffs are not a worry.  But if there are notable sitz marks or moisture damage we can't take it back.  The key is that we need to be able to advertise the saddle to the next buyer as "used, but only slightly, and still very close to new condition".  Note that when you use your shop credit, we will charge $8 shipping (if in lower 48) as you already will have received free shipping once.

Now, suppose you have a Berthoud saddle you bought from us and within 3 years you find the top is compromised (typically from water or nasty sweat or just so many miles that you've broken it down) we will sell you a new top at a price that is very close to our wholesale cost.  At the present time, that is roughly $80 (subject to change) instead of the $120 ish retail.  


Safety and Suitability for Use

We sometimes offer products that are used and/or have some safety risks with their use.  For instance, old cranks, rims, handlebars, and many other items are more likely to fail.  And some items that are especially lightweight are more prone to failure as well.  Be careful too with fenders - front fenders can lock up and flip the rider if debris gets caught between tire and fender.  So ask questions, and be sure you are comfortable with the risk of using any product we offer.  If you feel the item you receive, upon inspection, is not safe for use, let us know and we will accept the item for a full refund or store credit.  Cycling is dangerous so ride carefully and inspect your bike regularly.  

It is the buyer's responsibility to inspect items and determine if they are suitable and safe for use.