Rene Herse Photos

Rene Herse - new production photos

René Herse® is a registered trademark of Compass Cycles. Boulder Bicycle uses the  René Herse name under license from Compass Cycles




Prototype or our new Rene Herse Avventure Speciale Model.   This is a road sport frame completed during late 2016 in time for pre-xmas delivery.  This is an ideal frame for events such as Eroica.  Instead of handmade lugs, it uses lugs carefully cut to the Rene Herse shape.  Note the lovely bb shell. 

Tentative price of this new model for frame and fork is $3,880.  



This bike is designed for Pauls Brakes 

Handmade Lug With Lovely Chrome Plating



More fun modern production Rene Herse images

New Production Rene Herse - reviewd in Bicycle Quarterly

Rene Herse Reviewed in Bicycle Quarterly


Front of Rene Herse BQ Review Bicycle


Mark Nobilette - Lead builder of Rene Herse bicycles


Rene Herse Traditional Elegance


The Classic Rene Herse Hand Lettering - all Rene Herse frames are lettered this way!


Handmade Rene Herse lug


Rene Herse with handmade stainless lugs - built by the wizards at Waterford


Original Rene Herse Tradeshow Letters - on display in Denver during NAHBS Weekend 2013