Kalloy silver 350mm straight seatpost - restorers dream!

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This is a great seatpost for old restorations!  Old bikes use straight seatposts that are difficult to find.  A straight shaft post with a Brooks or Ideale saddle clamped to it is just many older bikes want.  So we're excited that Kalloy still makes a traditional straight shaft post (does not include the clamp).  We have them in an array of sizes.  The shafts are all 350mm and are made of aluminum alloy.  They do have machine marks so they aren't perfectly smooth like original vintage posts, but we're happy enough to have these!


The post you get of course has never been used - but sometimes we test-fit a post so you may see marks in the post well below the minimum insertion point.  This should be no issue for anyone actually using the post.  We hope you understand.