Grand Bois 700c x 28mm Extra Leger tire - fresh arrival!

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Please read all of this listing for important info on extra light casings


We just brought in some of the Grand Bois 700c x 28mm Cerf tires with the extra light casings - and at a nice price too!  For many bikes, this tire is about as wide as you can go (depends on the frame).  The extra light casing tires ride like a dream.  Fast and smooth!  And while we love wider tires too, a great 28mm tire like this is really fun and perhaps a tad perkier than the 30/32mm.  It appears that the tread wrap on these tires is quite wide, which is very important with this casing.


The Extra Light (extra Leger) casing is very light and supple.  We use these tires on mild off road ourselves, as do many of our customers.  But the extra light casing as used by MANY BRANDS of Panaracer tires cuts more easily than "standard" casings.  NOT ALL SELLERS of tires with extra light casings choose to display the warning about these casings that are included on the Grand Bois Extra Light Casing tires.  It is displayed below.  We want folks to realize the pro's and con's of such tires because we wouldn't want somone to corner hard on a fast downhill and nick a sidewall on a sharp rock and have a crash.  This risk is always present with any tire, but Panaracer wants you to see the following (in red).  Note that many of us do in fact use these tires on light off road.  If you get a flat at low speed in the backcountry it can be a hassle but may not be dangerous.  The reason we include these warnings is that you can change behavior to make things safer - like ride around blind corners where there could be road debris with some caution.  If you don't lean the bike super aggresively, then the casing is more likely to be protected by the tread! 



This tire is made of very sensitive material. Never use the tire when you drive on unpaved road, mountain trail and waste land.  Please be careful of flat tire due to sidewall cutting by fallen rocks on the road