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A new item - a Panaracer Pari-Moto 650b x 42mm tire!  This is a very light and wide tire.  Its probably kinda like taking an old Grand Bois Hetre and shaving the tread. The Pari-Moto tread is probably thinner if anything.  This tire should be very fast - won't last too long, but it will be great while it lasts.


The following is what we originally wrote regarding the narrower Pari-Moto -and all should apply to this new 42mm, except the tire is wider.  We have not test-ridden it yet.  The tire casing and width looks very similar to a conventional casing Hetre or Compass in the 42 width.

This tire is a crazy nice tire for the price - wow!  Thank the weak Yen and our running a really thin margin on these! 

This tire is the  crazy deal in 650b land.  It is a great performing tire at a very low price.The Pacenti 650b x 38mm Pari-Moto is a favorite (but the item here is the 42). The original ones were tricky to mount (they fit loose on Synergy rims) and the wear fast.  But we've mounted these up on Velocity A23 rims and they fit great and we haven't heard of any issues on other rims (except Synergy).


These tires do wear pretty fast but the thin tread is one reason they are so fast - and at this price they are such a great value that the cost per mile is extremely reasonable.  The tan sidewall we offer hear look fabulous mounted on a rim.  They are probably the lower TPI casing verison, but this tire is so crazy light it is sure to ride amazingly well.  It is rated at 38mm, but it was coming in closer to 40mm on our A23 test rim (again, the item here is the 42 so it will be wider!)