Italian Moa Vintage Cycling Shorts size 4 - acrylic but looks just like wool - for Eroica?

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Offered here are Moa vintage cycling shorts.  These are from many years ago and look like classic wool shorts,  but they are actually acrylic.  If you didn't have them next to a wool pair we'd guess you wouldn't know.  And if someone does know that is probably because they are reading the label and are getting quite up close and personal.


The shorts have the classic look, because, well, they are from the classic period.  Note the nice button pocket on the back.  And the chamois we'd assume is natural.  Kinda like having a vintage pet.


We have an array of sizes, look at the chart below.  For base reference, Mike with a 35" or so waist would use a size 4.  We'd think you would want the short to be near the limit of its stretch for best fit.  That said, vintage shorts like these (wool and acrylic alike) like to creep down and lead to unpleasent views for those behind you and and unpleasant feeling for the rider.  We strongly suggest the use of suspenders.  If you are a class act, you will sew buttons on the front and rear for the supsenders to really do it right.  A couple of years ago we sold tons of these in the full wool version and folks seemed happy.  These seem pretty similar except that when wet they will not be as comfy as wool but the good news is critters won't eat these.


Size update - Mike these days is a smidge over 170lbs and the size 4 is a bit too large - our guess is this size will work for someone with up to a 36 or maybe even a 37 waist as they do stretch a good bit.  But do use suspenders...even dress suspenders will make these work!


These measurements are an estimate taken by measuring one side of the short unstretched and then stretched close but not at the very extreme of its stretch

Size Min meassurement of waist Max meassurement of waist
3 25 34
4 26 36
5 26 38
6 27 40