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We are found some more Moa shorts - here are some size 1 which is extremelly small....order these only for display or if you are fitting to a child or smaller adult.  Mike was actually able to fit them on - but he couldn't move and certainly not sit on a bike with them.


Moa is an Italian company that made nice wool clothing back in the day.  These shorts are actually an 80'20 wool blend (makes them less tasty to moths we believe).  Note the snazzy button pocket.


Offered here is a size 1 (which is not the size shown in the photo).  We took some measurements  - the waist unstretched meassures 10.5" each side, and stretched about 14 (with a smidge of stretch still go go).  So that is 21" to 28" on the waist. That is pretty small - very few folks actually fit this size (well everyone did at one time during their childhood).

Note that ALL classic cycling shorts we've used tend to creep down - we expect these to be no different.  So ideally, you will take these shorts, sew 4 buttons on them, and use suspenders.  That is the pro solution.  These appear to have a natural chamios so you can re-live the old times..


At this price, we'd rather not accept returns - thanks for your understanding.