Shimano Deore XT early black seatpost - 27.0mm

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27.0 diameter - great for road use! The early Shimano Deore XT seatpost is very sought after It is made by Nitto as we understand, and is of very high quality It uses a steel shaft attached to an alloy head Since its original intent was for MTb use, it is very rugged and very highly regarded. The post you receive is factory fresh (came to us in bulk OEM packaging but they all have plastic around them to minimize any possible shopwear The 27.0 size is perfect for bikes with Columbus SP tubing or with heavier Reynolds 531 tubes (be sure to confirm you need a 27.0 size before ordering). The price is so nice on these you may want to stock up, but for now, we are limiting sales of these Shimano DEORE XT posts to TWO of each size we have available, per customer If you order more than that we will adjust your invoice back to the limit - thanks for your understanding.