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Berthoud - the premier leather saddle

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While other brands have devolved into being "lifestyle products", Berthoud remains commited to providing products for serious cyclists who are more about go than show.  The fact that Berthoud saddles look great is just a by-product of their functional perfection.

Note that all leather saddles require special care - if you over treat it  or get it saturated with water, the leather will eventually break down.  It is suggested to use the Berthoud leather treatment and re-apply it moderately periodically.  This treatment affords a bit of water resistance.  But if you are really going to be out in the pouring rain, a saddle cover is a must.   

For mens saddles, their are 3 widths.  

Medium  - in steel rail the model name is Aspin, in Ti rail the model name is Aravis.  This saddle roughly corresponds in width to the classic Brooks Professional.  This saddle is flater than some saddles, and many folks who have issues "falling forward" with Brooks saddles find this saddle is just right!

Narrow - in steel rail the model name is Souler, and it Ti rail the model name is Galibier.  These narrow width saddles are a bit less poplular, but if you like a narrower saddle or if you have lots of drop between saddle height and bar height (saddle over bars) than you might give this saddle a try.

Wide - This saddle is probably similar in width to a Brooks B17 standard (which is the wide one).  We've been selling a number of these lately.  There are two variants  - the steel rail model which is a bit more basic than other Berthoud saddles as it does not have a replaceble top is called the Mente.  The Ti rail version with the removable top is called the VARS.



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