Shimano 7400 BSC bottom bracket NOS - also fits Campy NR/SR!

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We found some Shimano 7400 BSC (aka English) DuraAce bb's new in the box!  We really like these bb's.  They are around 112mm and a bit asymetric and designed for Shimano 7400/7402 era cranks.  This bb is really nicely made and the finish and quality is really top notch. 


If you are a Campy NR/SR fan, note that this bb is JIS (or close to it) and not ISO like Campy.  The result is that if you use Campy NR/SR arms on this bb they don't go on quite as far and are "kicked out" a few mm's on each side.  So if you have Campy arms that have tapers that are getting a bit stretched, or if you need a bit more Q factor than typical stock Campy, this bb will do the trick.  Now do be aware that old Campy cranks can break, so take a look at your arms and be sure you are comfortable using them based on their usage history and condition.  And of course, if you over tighten Campy arms on this spindle we suppose its possible in theory to crank an arm.  But we've used these bb's on our own bikes with Campy post 78 NR/SR cranks with great results.