Shimano DuraAce 7402 Italian Loose Ball bb gorgeous!

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Shimano 7402 bottom bracket Italian Loose ball, 113mm asymetric, increadible quality! You can use with the DuraAce cranks we have listed Also - this bottom bracket DOES WORK with post 1978 Campy Nuovo Record and Super Record cranks The spindle taper is slightly bigger than the Campy, so it does kick the arms out a few mm's but in practice this is not an issue Also, if you have Campy cranks with tapers that are worn, this larger spindle may be the PERFECT fix You can also use with Campy pre-78 cranks, but it will kick the arms out a bit more We've used these on our own bikes with Campy Super Record cranks with great results We suppose if you really over-torque the crank onto the spindle, the taper mis-match could be an issue But with reasonable installation this will work fine (of course, all those old Campy cranks are more prone to failure than new cranks, so use'em with caution) In fact, one staff member here finds the low Q of Campy NR/SR cranks to be too low - so when using this bb with Super Record cranks the effective increase in Q was very much preferred!Limit 3 per customer please