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We found the motherload pile of Stronglight bb cups - all French thread.  No lockring.  The cups are NOS but you do find occaasional shopwear, dirt from storage, and some oxidation here and there.  But these cups can be hard to find.  We do notice some variation from cup to cup in length of the cup's threads.  But we think that doesn't matter and is just a variation from production run to production run. 


double checked all the cups to be sure they are French.  We see that French cups are getting hard to find - in fact some company is now making generic looking modern ones.  But if you have an old Stronglight crank and you want Fench Stronglight cups (and we assume you have a spindle) then this is a great opportunity.  The photos are representative of the cups you will get - although the exact pair you get is likely not the one in the photo.