Campagnolo metal guide pad holders with NR/SR pads set of (4)

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An awesome classic Campy Nuovo Brake restoration item! NOS take offs from never mounted calipers. These are gorgeous and perfectly fresh. You get one bikes worth. The pads are proper Nuovo/Super Recordthatareblack and say Campagnolo on one side and Brev Int on the other (don't be fooled by laterCampy pads that don't say Brev Int) Theholders these come in look for all the world like Campyearly 1970's Nuovo Record without theplastic covered guides. But they are not. They are actually Triomph holders. But unless you are extremely fussy and/or deep pocketed, these pad holders areperfect for restorations.The true early 70'sNR holders in NOS condition are extraordinarilyhard to find. One note - the studs coming off these pads aren't as long as the original nuovo record so the threads won't come to the end of the nuovo record deep nuts. Otherwise, theseare a perfect alternative that gets you gorgeous early looking holdersfor a price not far above what just the pads should cost Note - hardware to mount theholders onto the calipers is not included - what you see in the photos is what you get Please - limit 2 sets per customer