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Phil's Washers - premium thick leather washers. Tired of thin/flimsy leather washers that don't have body? Well, so were we. Plus, we'd been making our own washers as we needed them, which is very time consuming. So we had the leather wiz make us some nice thick washers.


These are really thick. You can torque things down against them, and they still have lots of body left. They are actually handmade, so you will notice that some are more centered than others, but it doesn't matter. Because they are handmade, the width varies too.


We have just changed what you get a bit - you get three of the very thick and 3 that are still thick but a tad thinner. For most installations, this is quite handy. These washers make installation of fenders and racks-to-fenders much more fun and quick. They are sold in a package of 6.


They are more expensive than others you will find, but so what? We aren't talking big money here. Our goal is to provide great stuff, not the cheapest stuff. Proudly made in the USA (although we don't guarantee where the Cows were made). These washers have holes sized for 5mm bolts/studs.