Rear fender reinforcement diamond shape gorgeous!

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Note:  - Be aware of fender safety issues, as use of fenders pose a safety risk.  If debris gets caught between the tire and fender, the bike can flip suddenly causing serious injury or death.  


Rear fender reinforcement. Diamond shape We finally have some of these gems in stock! The great rando bicycle builders, Rene Herse, Alex Singer, and many others, almost always used one of these on their rear fenders (usually on smooth 700c alloy fenders) This is for aluminum fenders Primarily used on smooth alloy 700c, you can probably use it on other alloy fenders as well. The virtue of this piece is that it significantly reduces the risk of a failure of the fender where it attaches to the underside of a seatstay bridge mounting flange It is not for fenders that use a sliding or other type of mounting bracket This is a very hard part to fabricate on your own as it has a compound bend In time, we may try to bring in a larger batch and bring the price down But considering how nice this piece is and how much time it saves compared with making one, the price is very reasonable The piece does not include any hardware Also, please limit yourself to only 2 of these for now until we can secure a larger stock