TTT synthesis Stem 13cm from early 1990's NOS Silver

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A classic NOS Italian stem perfect for many vintage bike builds!


13cm TTT Synthesis stem (not sure what length is in the photo).  This lovely silver stem is NOS and came to us in factory bulk packaging.  You may or more may not gett the little instruction/info booklet depending on if we can find more.  These must have been packaged this way to be supplied to OEM bike builders.  Each stem was individually placed in a spot on a plastic tray (this packaging is not included with your stem purchase as it is for multiple stems).  While all NOS parts are prone to some shopwear, these look to be exceptionally nice but you may see some minor shopwear.


TTT stems are considered 26.0 although ttt world is really closer to 25.8.  We've always just treated them as 26.0.   The sythesis stem is really lovely and is just a great classic quill stem.  It isn't overy long (for that go to Nitto).  But the TTT Synthesis stem was very popluar as we remember for new high end Italian bike builds in the early-to-mid 1990's.  Not sure what year it came out.