Campagnolo 132mm rear axle

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You ONE (just one) 132mm factory fresh (not take-off) rear axle that is really sweet looking! Keep them around for hub rebuilds or for hubs with a missing axle Only the one axle is supplied - the locknuts shown in the photo are not included, for illustration only 132mm is perfect for ultra 6 - fine for 5sp as well with typical Campy dropouts If you want to cheat and use this for a true 6sp you can see in the photo how it would look with locknuts on it You will get about 3mm per side sticking out with 126mm spacing So probably fine for most riders, but not technically ideal If we just picked one up we wouldn't know the model, but we think they are part number 29 which was the Tippo/Gran sport version We have no idea if they are different otherwise (slightly duller finish perhaps than the regular NR version). But with the nice keyway and Campy quality, this is a super great value!