Michelin race tube fits 26" or 650b swell super value closeout!

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An amazing deal!  (You get one tube  - not the whole pile shown.) One of our suppliers had a crazy surplus from years ago of Michelin 26 x 1.5/2.2 tubes in the lighter 144g race version.   Over time these became less useful for high performance mountain bikes as the world went 29er (now going 650b).   But - we've used these tubes for years with 650b 42mm tires with great results.  If anything, and its just our own experiance, there are fewer seating issues when using the ever-so-slightly 26" tubes instead of 650b.  Of course, some companies don't even differentiate between 650b and 26" as its so in-the-noise.


To save on shipping, in most cases we are going to ship the tubes without their box - so you will get these bulk packaged. They come to us with individual boxes.  But the shipping will be a killer if we keep them in the boxes as the boxes are excessively large.


These tubes have 36mm valves and just a few years ago we were selling them for $7 or $8 if we recall.  But did we say we made a great purchase on these?   We'll limit them to 8 per customer at this time.  If you place an order a week or two after your "first" order on these, that will be fine.  But we want to make sure everyone gets a chance intitially.  And after awhile, we'll probaby raise the price a bit if we still have some remaining.