Clement Scatto (almost identical to Criterium) tubular - gorgeous amazing tire!

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The Clement Criterium tubular (including the Thailand made examples) are high points of tubular tire making.   The Scatto which we're offering here is nearly identical to the Criterium but it has a slightly different tread pattern.  Its kinda like the difference between Vittoria CX and CG tires from what we can tell - just a subtle pattern difference.  And if anything, the Scatto pattern almost looks like it might be a better all design, but its in the noise.  


These tires are priced and sold individually.  They are priced less than many clinchers that are not a fraction as amazing as these!


The Scatto tire has the same amazing casing (when you handle the tire you will feel this right away) as the Criterium, and is the last of the great Clement ish tires to come out Thailand.  We are selling these individually.  They are old, but these were stored beautifully and are very soft and supple. They should be great for both display and on the road.  They are the typical classic Clement 20.5mm tire width.  If you wished you could go back into the time machine and experiance what is all but lost, here is your chance.    Fortunately, since the Scatto was not the "it name" they got left back for the time machine to retrieve.