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Brooks B17 Standard Honey - superior choice - read details New



Brooks B17 saddle standard in honey.  We bought these from a shops older inventory so no factory warranty or returns.  But here is the deal, Brooks saddle quality varies all over the place.  Our biggest beef is that over the years a great many Brooks saddles have leather that is just way-too-soft.  And some are not as nicely centered as others.  We went through our stock and found a few that are of superior quality (you may or may not get the one in the photos).  That means the leather is stiffer so you can break it in - instead of just breaking it!  Were selling these at a premium.  We have some "typical" or blemmed examples that didn't win our hunger games competition for quality as another listing.

Note - to facilitate shipping, we may break down the Books packaging to reduce the size of the package during shipping.  We will include the cardboard so you can reexpand as needed (if you care).