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Stupid expensive 29/R Substitute 137mm Wheels Manufacturing axle for 6sp for Campy Nuovo Record hubs 10x26 with keyway



This item seems to be currently unavailable from the manufactuer, but we have a very small stock.  We are pricing these at a predatory high price and we strongly suggest you purchase the less expensive 141mm version and trim it, or use the 134mm genuine Campy (if it will work for you).  Some folks think these are better than the Campy orginals. But if you must have this item, if the online store shows we have it, you are in luck.   Despite the high price, you just get the bare axle!

Wheels Manufacturing 137mm axle for Campy Nuovo Record hubs  10x26 with keyway.  Factory fresh.  It has been very hard to find genuine Campy axles that are of this length, so here is a great option. The 137mm with a 126mm lock nut to locknut spacing (often really 126.5) gives right around 5mm of exposed axle on each side of the locknut.  Yes, you could get away with 134mm as well.  But a lot of folks run narrow 7's so their locknut to locknut is more like 127 to 128mm, so this axle gives the optimal amount of axle protrusion.  Looks nicely made - and with a nice keyway.