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Campagnolo Nuovo Record BSC bottom bracket post 78 rare +1.5 +1 marking NOS in box

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SKU: 30210-k


Campagnolo BSC (aka English) Nuovo Record bottom bracket 114.5mm for 1978 and later (CPSC) cranks with the small buldge.  This is an early one as instead of simply saying 68ss on the spindle it says 68SS x 120 +1,5 +1.  So perfect for those 1978/1979 bikes that you really want to keep period correct.  The bottom bracket is new and quite lovely with the bolts, sleeve parts, and bearings in the proper sealed package.  Most bb's sometimes have some oxidation/marks - this one has on spot on a cup shown in the photo but it's superficial, certainly not anything functional, and overall has less spotting/marks than we typically see on most NOS bottom brackets.  A nice example!